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Commercial Cleaning

With our cleaning services you don’t need to worry about cleaning supplies as every customer has different needs we will tailor our cleaning services based on an assessment done with you.

Estimate prices:

10h-20h per month: £25/h

+20h per month: £22/h

Carpet cleaning:

150 sq. m. : £4 per square meter

150 - 300 sq. m.: £3 per square meter

+ 300 sq. m.: £2.5 per square meter

Disinfectant & Sanitizer (BSEN 1040 deals with MRSA, Hepatitis B, Coronaviruses, HIV,AIDS)

Deep Carpet Cleaning

1 Room: £45

1 Bedroom house: £95

2 Bedroom house: £125

3 Bedroom house: £155

4 Bedroom house: £195

5 Bedroom house: £220

Stairs/Landing or Hallway : £45

Carped will be disinfected in the process

Disinfectant & Sanitizer (BSEN 1040 deals with MRSA, Hepatitis B, Coronaviruses, HIV, AIDS)

Upholstery Cleaning

1 Seat Fabric/Leather: £25
2 Seat Fabric/Leather: £35
3 Seat Fabric/Leather: £45
4 Seat Fabric/Leather: £55
5 Seat Fabric/Leather: £65
Corner Sofa: £75
Armchair - £15,00
Single Mattress per side - £25,00
Double Mattress per side - £35,00
Car Upholstery: £60 - £90

End of Tenancy

Mop all tile and hardwood floors

Deep Carpet Cleaning 

Vacuum all carpeting

Wipe down switch plates

Brush out cobwebs from corners and ceilings

Clean ceiling fan blades

Cleaning skirting boards

Wipe down doors, frames and knobs

Clean sink and all countertops

Wipe cabinets in and out and shelves

Thoroughly clean stove and oven

Fridge cleaning

Remove grease, dust and dirt in the kitchen

Clean windows inside

Clean windows blinds

Oven Cleaning

Single Oven
Double Oven
£15 - £25
Range oven

Non-pressure roof cleaning

Manually scraping the moss by hand is the gentlest way to remove the moss from your roof, the treatment we then apply afterwards is used to kill off any lichens, algae and moss spores that are left behind.
With this method there is very little water used so yourself and neighbours will be pleased to know that the mess is minimal, and you won't be experiencing any spray of mud, grit or moss on your driveway, car and surrounding areas, with our team will always clean all areas that have got mucky or any bits of moss that may have dropped.
​Rest assured, your property will be left clean and tidy when our team leave.